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Try Massage for Mental and Physical Rejuvenation

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

The stress of your day-to-day activities can really take its toll! It's very possible for mental exhaustion to become just as unbearable as physical exhaustion. In fact, many people say that being at a mental low point is worse than being at your lowest physically. Stressful living can cause your muscles to become tight and worn and your mind can become so drained that you just need a time out. One of the easiest ways you can experience the relief you seek is by receiving a professional massage.

Great Massage Ideas If You're Mentally Drained

There are several types of massage and techniques. The massages you choose can target the very areas of your body where you're feeling the strain. Also the benefits on how it affects your mind and body.

Try these types of massage for different kinds of relief:

1. Aromatherapy massage. Any massage therapist you speak to will tell you that an aromatherapy massage is one of the best ways to ease mental stress, tiredness, and lack of focus. In fact, it is often referred to as a stress-reducing, energizing, and relaxing type of massage. Here are a few essential oils that are great for aromatherapy massage:

  • Lavender Oil is one of the most used anti-inflammatory essential oils, and for good reason. This oil has a light, sweet perfume that creates a refreshing scent and a relaxing environment. This essential oil is the most adaptable essential oil for everyday use; therefore, always have a supply on hand. Lavender is an excellent choice for essential oil massage treatment since it aids the body's adaptation to stress. It can aid in relaxation and sleep, as well as increase stamina and energy levels. It has few side effects and can be used for children and babies as well as prenatal massage.

  • Peppermint Oil is popular for its physical cooling effect as well as its mental health benefits. Combined with eucalyptus oil it was proven to lower muscle tension and improve cognitive capacities in one study. Peppermint is most used as a cold compress to help reduce migraine symptoms, but it also makes a great addition to a carrier oil to help relieve muscle strain. The lasting aroma of peppermint oil on the body may be the best benefit of all. A decent peppermint massage will leave you smelling like a sugar-free Christmas candy cane.

  • Geranium Oil The soothing and energizing properties of geranium essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens) are well-known. The floral scent adds a lovely touch to the overall soothing effect, making it an excellent oil for massage therapy. When it comes to spas, its aroma is also a great fit. The geranium essential oil also helps to balance the skin, which is beneficial when used topically through massage. Geranium was also used in ancient medicine to improve circulation, the neurological system, and regenerate body tissues.

  • Coriander Oil, which comes from the Cilantro plant, is sweet and warm, and when applied, it creates a peaceful and soothing ambiance. This makes the Coriander Essential Oil ideal for massage. Coriander essential oil is known for fostering a healthy digestive and circulatory system, as well as supporting a healthier pancreas, in addition to its relaxing aroma. Coriander Essential Oil may be right for you if you're looking for a soothing essential oil that also has digestive advantages.

2. Shiatsu massage. This is an excellent Japanese massaging technique that relies on the pressure from the fingers as they work with pressure points to produce the mental relaxation you need. Each pressure point is compressed for up to eight seconds to allow energy to flow throughout the body. Although the pressure against the points is firm, it doesn't result in muscle soreness; instead, you'll feel mentally and physically at ease and relaxed. Here are a few of the benefits of Shiatsu massage:

  • When administered to the abdomen area, Shiatsu can help reduce constipation. Stretching and tugging the intestines and colon can loosen muscles and relax them.

  • Shiatsu relieves muscle pains and spasms by massaging and pulling the skin and muscles, as well as pushing on tension-releasing acupressure points.

  • Migraines are irritated and painful headaches produced by the rapid expansion and constriction of blood vessels in the brain or head. Shiatsu works to relieve migraines by relaxing the body and boosting blood flow and circulation.

  • Shiatsu is a non-invasive therapy that relaxes and calms you, reducing stress, tension, anxiety, and sadness.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that affects the linings of the joints and causes chronic inflammation of the body's tissues. Shiatsu pressure can be given to the hands, foot, or any other area affected by arthritis. It also aids in the warming up of muscles, the improvement of circulation, and the reduction of muscular pain.

Massage Options for Sore, Tired, and Tight Muscles

You may experience sore, tired, and tight muscles from doing rigorous exercise at the gym, gardening, or sitting at your office desk for too long. Fortunately, your muscle aches and pains can be easily relieved with the following massage techniques:

1. Hot stone massage. The massage therapist will place smooth heated stones on certain parts of your body. The technique is very effective for loosening tight muscles. The therapist will apply very light pressure to the stones. The heat itself will comfort you and get your muscles back to peak performance! See the benefits of hot stone massage can do for you:

  • Assists in the relief of muscle tension and discomfort. Heat has been used to relieve muscle tension and discomfort for a long time. It aids in the improvement of blood flow to the affected area. Muscle spasms may be reduced, and flexibility and range of motion may be improved. Inflammation can be relieved by cold therapy. Alternating heat and cold stones during your massage may be beneficial depending on your conditions.

  • Assists in the reduction of stress and anxiety. "Massage treatment can be useful for stress alleviation," according to the American Massage Therapy Association. Their statement is supported by research. A ten-minute massage boosted cardiovascular responses such as stroke volume, according to a 2001 study. According to a 1997 study, 15-minute onsite chair massages in the office lowered stress significantly more than a 15-minute break without massage. People who had abdominal colorectal surgery had decreased discomfort, stress, and anxiety after having a post-operative massage, according to a 2015 study by Trusted Source.

  • Promotes restful sleep. Massage may be an alternative to sleeping medications in individuals with insomnia, according to a 2006 research review. Back massage was found to help with relaxation and sleep in studies. Infants with sleep issues who received a 15-minute massage from their parents fell asleep faster, according to 2001 research. Upon awakening, they were also more alert, active, and upbeat. Massage is supposed to help you get more restful sleep, while the reason for this is unknown.


A hot stone massage is generally safe when conducted by a trained therapist. There are specific situations in which it should be avoided. If you have any of the following conditions, talk to your doctor before obtaining a massage:

  • If you have a bleeding disease or take blood thinners,

  • If you have burns on your skin, or if you have open wounds a history of blood clots.

  • Recent surgery in the past 6 weeks.

  • A fracture or severe osteoporosis, or a low platelet count (thrombocytopenia)

  • Diabetes.

2. Deep tissue massage. This type of massage is ideal for painful and tight muscles, as well as areas affected by muscle strains. Deep tissue massage targets deeper layers of muscle. The therapist uses slower strokes across the grain of the muscle. The first thing to remember is that deep tissue massage is intended for therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes rather than for relaxation. As a result, you should expect some discomfort during and after a deep tissue massage. Most often, you'll be resting on your stomach or back as the massage therapist applies varying degrees of pressure on tight muscles that are causing you problems and are latent in your body. Because this type of massage focuses on alleviating strain and tension from deeper muscles, you may feel some discomfort during the massage. It's also possible that the pain is caused by the massage moving against the muscles rather than with them. However, if you think you're in a lot of discomfort, tell your therapist right away. The easiest method to get the most out of a deep tissue massage is to relax as much as possible and let your therapist rub away your pain. That's why a deep tissue massage should be performed by a licensed and skilled massage therapist. With that being said, deep tissue massage has benefits for rehabilitation and physical therapy.

  • Lowers blood pressure and relieves back pain symptoms, and pain of arthritis. Muscle rehabilitation breaks down scar tissue, relieves stress, and improves joint mobility, all of which help to reduce chronic pain.


You should be cautious on a few fronts before getting a deep tissue massage because of its therapeutic nature. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

If you've already been diagnosed with blood clots, avoid deep tissue massage because it may dislodge the clots. If you have or are at risk of developing blood clots, speak with your doctor. If you've had chemotherapy, radiation, recent surgery, or any other medical condition, talk to your doctor. If you have osteoporosis, you should also avoid deep tissue massage.

In Conclusion

When you feel the need to rejuvenate your mind and body, you can count on these massage techniques to do the job. Your body, mind, and spirit will be enhanced by a professional massage. It will renew and refresh those aspects of your being that need the most attention. After your massage, you'll wonder how you could have gotten along without them!


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