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3 Tips on Relieving Stress.

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

In the climate we are living in, we need to find ways to relieve stress so it doesn't overwhelm

us. Here are some tips to help us through these difficult times.


Most people who are unfamiliar with meditation believe that it entails twisting our bodies into an uncomfortable position. However, this is not the case. In reality, any repetitive action can serve as a form of meditation. Such as swimming, walking, painting, knitting, or just lying in your bed. Any activity that keeps your attention and focuses calmly on the present moment is considered meditation. When meditating, simply clear your mind of all thoughts, such as those about your job, relationship, or to-do list. Bring your attention back to the repetitive activity such as listening to music or listening to your heartbeat. Try it for 10 minutes per day to alleviate stress.

Be Present

In everyday life, we rush through supper, frantically trying to finish one more task on our to-do list. Now is the time to try something new: simply slow down.

This is the time to devote a few minutes to focus on a specific habit with self-awareness. Then you pay attention to how the air feels on your face as you walk and how your feet strike the ground. When you spend time in the present moment, pay attention to your senses, and the tension in your body will dissipate.


Laughter is one of the most natural stress relievers and is always beneficial to human health. A good belly laugh can lower cortisol levels, which are thought to be the body's stress hormone. It can also increase endorphins, which are brain chemicals that improve your mood. You can use laughter by watching your favorite videos, reading comic books, learning to draw beautiful things, or chatting with people who can make you laugh.

Final Note

We will always have some form of stress in our daily lives but we have to manage it so it doesn't overwhelm us and affect our health. These tips can help you along your journey if you need more we have books and a website to help you through this process.


Genie Script

Beginners Guide to Meditation

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