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Instagram makes affiliate marketing accessible to everyone.

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

All Instagram users will be allowed to share links in Stories, removing the requirement for a minimum of 10,000 followers in order to publish actionable material.

Instagram is the most popular social media platform for influencer marketing, helping to raise brand awareness and drive sales by utilizing the platform's creators' engaged audiences.

Affiliates are now finding it difficult to advertise products on Instagram using trackable links. Smaller influencers struggle to monetize content on the platform, with just a link in their profile directing followers to purchase suggestions. Larger accounts with over 10,000 followers have additional in-app tools and capabilities, while smaller influencers struggle to sell content on the site.

However, after this week's news, everything is about to change.

All Instagram users will now be able to utilize the link sticker tool to add links to their Stories. This allows content creators to effortlessly link items, websites, brands, and anything else they want to share with their audience in order for them to click on them and, eventually, make a purchase.

What significance does this have for affiliate marketers?

With the introduction of link stickers, all Instagram users, regardless of follower count, will be able to include affiliate links directly in their Stories alongside the content they're promoting, rather than being limited to a 'link in bio' option. This will open up more opportunities for creators and brands, as they won't be limited by the advantages granted to macro-influencers. More relationships, sales, income, and commissions result as a result of this strategy.

For ShareASale producers, all you need is an affiliate link for the page or product to begin advertising merchants in your Instagram Stories using the sticker. Select the tool from the top navigation bar and paste it into the ShareASale affiliate link when you've finished adding content to your Story. After that, you may include it in your narrative.

There are a few different methods to integrate affiliate links besides using the link sticker feature in your content:

  • Link in bio: This is a great, prominent place to add an external

  • ShareASale deep link that is evergreen and permanent.

  • Save as a highlight: This allows users to click on your links beyond the traditional 24-hour Instagram Story lifetime.

  • IGTV: Incorporate ShareASale links within the video description of an IGTV and add it to an Instagram Story (you can click to access your content library).

  • Discounts: Using ShareASale’s exclusive coupon codes, creators can use individualized vouchers and coupon codes to encourage conversions. Merchants on ShareASale can create these for their affiliate partners within their account by going to Creatives > Deals and Coupons. These are assigned to specific affiliates and allow them to earn commissions for driving sales without needing a link.


Instagram makes affiliate marketing accessible to everyone | ShareASale

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